Pre-Operative And Post-Operative Tips For A Facelift

Face lift is also known as rhytidectomy, a cosmetic surgery that pulls the extra facial skin and makes you appear wrinkle free and more youthful. Most of the women prefer this procedure to reduce the appearance of their age lines. Most of the surgeries are performed successfully, but in some cases, a facelift fails which will bring fear in many people.

There are few pre and post operative tips that help you to avoid the side effects, which include:

Pre operative tips:

• It is very important to frequently attend pre-op consultants. It is the best time to clear all your doubts about the surgery. Make sure to inform the surgeon about what you are expecting from surgery so that certain expectations can be set.

• Next, the doctor will give you pre-operative instructions about what to do before going to have the surgery. It is important to follow these instructions to prevent risks and complications.

• It is better to stop smoking at least 1 month before having the surgery because smoking will hamper the process of healing and it may also affect the healing process of the wound. Avoid aspirin containing medicines, or ibuprofen before one week and after two weeks of the facelift surgery. Because this may cause excessive bleeding during surgery.

• Finally, for a comfortable recovery it is best to arrange the home. Clean the bedroom and place the essential items, such as medications and medical supplies within your reach. It is better to purchase all the medical supplies before the surgery. It is best to have another person who can take care of you, particularly during the first 2 days followed by the surgery.

• Undergoing facelift surgery is certainly needs an ample preparation to ensure a seamless surgery and recovery.

• You should not drink or eat after the midnight and the evening before the surgery unless your doctor has instructed.

Post-operative Tips:

Wound care: Keep your dressing dry and undamaged for several days followed by the facelift surgery. Consult your doctor if dressing gets removed.

Medications: Use pain medicines as directed by the surgeon. These medicines include: hydrocodone or vicodin. Vicodin contains Tylenol, so do not take over dosage of acetaminophen or Tylenol while taking vicodin. Do not drink alcohol or drive while taking medications for pain. Taking these medications along with food helps in minimizing the nausea that sometimes associated with the pain medications.

Diet: Move your diet from liquids to soft foods like French toast, pasta, oatmeal, yogurt, and soup. Add these foods to your regular diet.

Activity: Take rest for the whole day followed by the facelift surgery. Use two to three pillows to provide comfort for at least 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

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Some Tips Before Your Cosmetic Surgery Facelift!

There are lot of people who opt for cosmetic surgery facelift to get that young look which is the main motivation to go ahead with surgery. Cosmetic surgery — especially facial plastic surgery — is something that is gaining so much of prominence these days.

Here are some tips to consider before you go and meet a surgeon.

  1. Your reasons for surgery. To feel good about yourself, list the reasons why you feel it is important for you to improve your confidence as well as your self-image. At these times, be honest to list whatever you feel. Don’t be negative either and state “My life seems over so maybe this surgery would make me look somebody else and not me.” Don’t let your identity get lost in your quest for a new, youthful look. What should result is not a new body or a new face but a more confident person.
  2. Don’t Use Job As Reason. Sometimes a little facial surgery may help you to secure the job you have been eyeing for a long time in the job market that is so volatile and competitive but that shouldn’t be the sole reason or the primary motivation to undergo something as serious as cosmetic surgery. But if you’re in sales, real estate, and you want to feel more competent, do a better job of presenting yourself, that’s a good reason to have plastic surgery.”
  3. Be realistic. Also, you need to be realistic about the fact that cosmetic surgery can’t bring back your lover who has left you or a husband who divorced you. Don’t pressurize yourself to undergo cosmetic surgery for such emotionally turbulent reasons that are affecting your mental health. That wouldn’t help your personal problems in any way. Don’t also expect to look like Marilyn Monroe from the moment you completed the surgery because the results take several months to be visible in the first place and it is only after three or four months that the end result is visible.
  4. Your emotional mindset. If you’re going through a period of emotional trauma, think twice before you continue with the thought of opting for cosmetic surgery because surgery is known to worsen conditions of depression quite easily. A lot of people who had facial plastic surgery tend to feel depressed afterward, so if you are already having some troubles on your emotional end, wait before you take the plunge. It is best to always keep your loved ones around you to perk up your spirits and get you to feel very good about yourself.
  5. Watch the expense. You don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by opting for a very expensive kind of cosmetic surgery, do you? That would be like trying to trade one problem for another which doesn’t sound like a great idea at all.

To opt for cosmetic surgery facelift, don’t let the wrong reasons lure you, let the right reasons lead you.

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